Laurence Karl Jansen

b. 1981, Cheltenham Spa, United Kingdom

Lives and works in London

BA Fine Art Painting, Camberwell College of Arts, UAL, 2018

Jansen’s practice investigates the gestural and symbolic potential of mark making, rendering abstract reconstructions and interpretations in relation to the movement of humanity and the physical form. Working between conversant narrative reflections of political dynamics, migration, visual interpretations of existential radiation and psychological relationships to one’s environment, many of his playful and painterly techniques draw attention to acts of diffusion. This manipulation of form and layers using paint on canvas can thus be read as the allegorical, contemplating astrophysics to physiological mutations, cultural diffusion, or a geopolitical diffusion of responsibility.

Traversing drawing, photographic field work, collage, and diverse experimentation with the historically complex visual language afforded by the medium of painting, his fragmented compositions strive to capture a poesy of existential allegories and metaphysical flux. While his figurative works might appear as verging on the supernatural, or a form of occult studies, the internal and external forces characterised by Jansen perform an aggregate of abstractions that accentuate how environment affects an individual’s mental and physical being.